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Why do I need a Private Link Building Service?


Image#1 Buying links one at a time is very expensive

Link popularity is the #1 factor search engines use to determine what position a website should be ranked for specific keywords and search phrases. Link popularity is the measure of the quantity and the quality of the sites that link to your site. Getting text links from quality websites is the #1 way to boost your site's ranking in the search engines. Any Internet marketing expert will verify this.

Think of link popularity like this; every time a website places a link on their website that points to your website, that website is essentially giving you their vote that you are a reputable and quality website. The more links (votes) your website has, the higher your website will be ranked by the search engines. So, the website with the most votes wins the #1 ranking, the website with the second most votes wins the #2 ranking, etc. As you can see, the more links you have pointing at your website, the higher your website will be ranked in the search engines.

The problem is that getting other websites to place your link on their website is very expensive. Most websites will charge you $25 or more per month to give you one quality text link. For you to get top 10 rankings in the search engines, you may have to buy links from 500+ quality websites. If you are doing the math, that equates to spending $12,500 or more every single month. And, it requires taking the time to contact 500+ websites to ask them if you can purchase a link on their website or hiring a very expensive link brokering service to perform the work for you. For businesses with deep pockets and an employee that can devote a substantial amount of time to managing this process, it works very well and those websites get top 10 rankings and a ton of traffic. But for the rest of us, we neither have the time or the budget to do this.

But there is good news. We have developed an automated and extremely affordable solution to this problem. Our link building service will post your links on our private network of over 10,000 of quality websites for a low monthly flat fee. And, we even let you try our service for FREE for 30 days so you can experience for yourself how well our service works and the great results it produces.

#2 You can use Your Primary Keywords in the Anchor Text of Your Links

The anchor text is the text used in the link pointing to your site. An example is if you were to use the words Real Estate Attorney, your text link would look like this: Real Estate Attorney. Your link anchor text should always contain your primary keywords. Using the example above, if you're linking to an internal page on your website (known as deep linking) and your link anchor text is optimized for the search tem "Real Estate Attorney", you will want to use those specific keywords in the links pointing to that page.

The reason for having your most important keywords in your text links is that search engines determine how and where to rank a website based on the words that are included in the links pointing at your website. If you want to rank high for the search term "German shepherd puppies", your links needs to include those words so your text link looks like this: German shepherd puppies.

Using your most important keywords in the anchor text of your links will have a huge effect on your rankings.

Every link you get from us will be an anchor text and they will always point to the appropriate page within your website-all at no extra cost.

#3 We give you Deep Linking, the secret weapon of Internet marketing wizards

Most websites point every link they get at the Home page of their website. But by doing that you are missing out on a huge opportunity. You also need to point links at the internal pages within your website (known as deep linking). Each page of your website should be optimized for a particular keyword phrase, and by using those keywords in your anchor text links, and then pointing those links at your internal pages, you will not only help the overall ranking of your home page, but you will also help the rankings of your internal pages. Using the strategy of deep linking is how the top internet marketers are able to get so much traffic to their websites. They get links pointed at every page of their website so search engines have many different entry points in which to send them traffic. Now you can do this too!

You will be happy to know that we specialize both in home page links AND internal page deep linking. Deep linking not only tells the search engines that your home page is valuable, but also that the specific pages within your website are valuable too.

#4 We give you permanent links!

As long as you are an active client, your links will remain live permanently.

Understand that it can take weeks and sometimes even months for the search engines to see and index new links. The competition is different for each and every keyword. Don't kid yourself into believing every keyword will get high rankings overnight. It takes search engines months to find, index, and recalculate all the billions of web pages and links on the internet. Ranking changes can happen daily but they are usually due to changes from as far back as 2-3 months. The goal is to track the movement of your ranking. We deliver links on a steady basis over time and we leave them up permanently (provided you're an active client).

Google uses a link popularity algorithm that measures Link Age. In order to combat manipulation of its system by link builders, they gauge the length a link has been up. It's used in determining the value of a link. So, keeping your links up for as long as possible is more important than ever. This is one of the primary reasons why we developed our system this way and why our clients consistently see such great results. We give our clients quality links that remain online permanently to ensure that our clients get great rankings in the search engines and they keep their high rankings.

What Makes a Link Good for SEO?

#1 The Quality of the Site giving you a link

Google loves links on quality sites (sites that have been online for a year or longer and have several pages of quality content). It is actually possible to outrank someone who has many more links then you IF you have better quality links (your links are on quality websites instead of garbage websites). It is not necessary that all of your backlinks come from such high quality websites sites, but the general rule is the better quality the site the more value given to the link.

We have tens of thousands of websites that have the respect of all the search engines.

#2 Link Popularity and Website Page Rank

Obtaining links on sites that are popular is very important. The reason for this is that when popular websites link to your website, it shows the search engines that your website is popular too, and therefore, it should be given high rankings. Link Popularity is the #1 ranking factor Google uses to rank websites and it is a major ranking factor in both Yahoo and MSN.

We have tens of thousands of websites that have the respect of all the search engines. That is why we are able to help our clients get top search engine rankings so consistently.

#3 The Age of the Site Your Link is Placed On

Older sites are trusted more by the search engines and older sites have more power for helping other websites get high rankings. Google places a lot of weight on links from older sites. If a site is older then 2 years, its value is raised significantly. If a site is more than 5 years old, it is even more powerful.

More than 50% of our sites are 5 years or older, and 85% our sites are two years old or older. This is another reason why we are able to help our clients get top search engine rankings so consistently.

#4 The Placement of the Link on the Page (Zone)

Where the link is located on a page is also very important. The search engines have developed block level analysis techniques that basically allow them to break down a webpage into blocks. Certain blocks, or sections of the site carry more weight since they are more likely to be seen by visitors. Links that are hidden at the very bottom of a site carry less value then links embedded in text near the top and middle of the page.

Each anchor text link you receive from us will be placed within relevant text on our sites.

What makes a Private Link Builder Different and Better than Other Link Sellers?

1. We own 100% of the websites we place your links on. This allows us to provide deep linking services and it allows us to keep your links on our websites forever. Understand that we are a PRIVATE service and nobody will ever know you're a client. We do not advertise. Instead, we seek out our clients and approach them directly. That is how we found and contacted you.

2. We charge a low flat monthly rate for all the links we give to you and we do not charge a "per link" fee. The cost savings you will get by using our services instead of using link sellers is easily thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars each month. And, our links our permanent!

3. Each and every link you receive from us is unique and from a different website. This is important because search engines want to see your links coming from different websites, not all from the same website. Consider each unique website as one vote. If you have 10 links on one website, that only counts as 1 vote because it is all coming from one website. But if you have 1 link on 10 different websites, that counts as 10 votes.

4. You can use our linking to get your articles, videos and press releases ranked as well. This is an added service we offer at no extra cost!

5. We understand how to get high ranking in the search engines and that is why we can and will help you get high rankings in the search engines. This is not art. This is science, meaning we can produce consistent and measurable results over and over.

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