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How to get Top 10 Rankings in the search engines without breaking your bank...


thumbnailIf you know anything about Internet marketing, you know that getting your website top 10 rankings in the major search engines is absolutely vital to growing your online business. It instantly drives highly targeted traffic to your website and it makes you a serious player in your industry.

In fact, there is NO other form of Internet marketing that is more profitable than having your website listed in the top 10 rankings of the major search engines. None. It is literally like striking gold. Ask any business owner whose website has top 10 rankings and he or she will tell you exactly the same thing.

Why Top 10 Rankings are so Important to Your Success

The reason it is so important to get your website top 10 rankings is the majority of people who conduct a search on a search engine never go past the first page results - the top 10 ranked websites. So, if your website is not included in those top 10 search results, you are missing out on over 97% of the traffic that could be going to your website and buying your products or services. Ouch!!! Just think of the last time you conducted a search using a search engine. Did you go past the top 10 listings on page 1? Probably not. 97% of people don't.

Your Painful and Expensive Problem...

Getting top 10 rankings can be very expensive. Professional search engine optimization firms normally charge anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 PER MONTH to get you top 10 rankings AND they force you into long-term contracts. That is great for them but not so great for you.

Finally, an Affordable Results-Driven Solution for You

A group of search engine optimization gurus and software programmers have developed an automated service that will help you get top 10 rankings at a fraction of the cost professional search optimization firms would charge you. This new service is called LinksToSales and it IS the #1 tool for getting a website top 10 search engine rankings. Don't believe us? There is only one way to find out...

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We provide a risk-free, as well as a no-obligations way of proving to all our new clients (before they pay us a single cent) - that our search ranking strategies work.
Then they can choose whether to pay us to continue the work or not.

We average a 90% retention rate into paid clients thereafter. Why? Because we are able to get their keywords moving swiftly up the search engine rankings upon commencement of our work.

These high rankings turn into clicks (traffic) that also happen to be highly targeted - because they are keyword-specific to your business/product/service.

=> Can you convert those incoming clicks (traffic) into paying customers? We'll show you how as well.

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What do our clients say?

Image"Patient and always willing to teach. But most importantly, the work they do gets our keywords moving up fast! They say it's not magic
how the rankings and traffic start coming in - but the results were really quite instantaneous from almost the moment we started the linking work.

Conversion into sales is just as important as the volumes of traffic...and they show us how to maximize that as well.

Overall yes... we are very happy with the on-going marketing work being done."

Ms. Carol Koh
Business Development Manager
FIL Holdings Pte Ltd

Image "You are our Secret weapon."

Mr. Dylan Ng
Managing Director
SuperSteam Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Image"Very satisfied with the volumes of traffic coming in from the search engines every single day.
We are being ranked and found for the main keywords that our potential patients are typing into the search engines.

People are now going to Google or Yahoo first to look for their information. That is their first port of call for almost anything you can think of.
So that is where we are engaging them first..."

Dr. Jimmy Teo
Managing Partner
Nam Fung Dental Surgery

Image"Working with GlobalLeadGeneration - we have been getting a great number of keywords found in the natural search engines...
and the number of keywords being ranked is increasing with every passing month. This is providing us with a substantial increase in number of phone calls coming in each day.

For service oriented businesses like ours, being able to attain maximum exposure especially through an important channel like the search engines - is extremely crucial to our business.
Even if they don't call us now - they have seen us appearing in the top rankings and take note of it and call us later - that is what we want - brand exposure.

During a downturn or slowdown, having this in place is one of the best ways to defend and perhaps even gain market share.

I used to spend hours in front of the computer trying to figure all this out, but now I've got you as a partner taking care of generating traffic for me, I can
now focus on how to better service my customers as they come in each day."

Mr. Max Mohan
Owner, Mohan's Custom Tailors


Image"Being found in the natural search listings in Google or Yahoo, shows our credibility in the eyes of our customers.

The keyword rankings attained have really exceeded our expectations. GlobalLeadGeneration has helped us every step of the way.
Traffic volume has increased quite a bit - and more importantly the advice to implement a call-to-action banner offer, has helped convert many who are just visitors,
into paying clients.

There's a lot of value-add in our working relationship - they are always giving us new ideas to not just get more clients via the website, but how to better service them as well.

If done properly, search engine optimization (SEO) traffic can actually be the leading source of one's business... if done properly.
There aren't that many SEO companies who are professional enough, or who actually know what they are doing.

I would most definitely recommend GlobalLeadGeneration if you are looking to get it done right. They are a company that you can try, and they will then prove to you what they can really do."

Mr. Desmond Ong
Outdoor Culture


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